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STATION information


- Davis Vantage Vue ISS and Console

- WiFi Logger

- Davis AirLink Air Quality Sensor

The ISS is pole mounted at a height of approximately 10 ft mounted to a fence post. Unit is solar powered with battery backup. Data is uploaded every 5 minutes.

The AirLink sensor is mounted on a north facing wall to ensure optimum readings. It uploads air quality data at regular intervals to Davis' Weatherlink network.


  • Elevation at the site is approximately 54m / 177ft above sea level.

  • Due to surrounding structures, easterly winds are likely to be under-represented in the data.

  • The station operates wirelessly and without use of a computer.

  • The AirLink requires mains power to operate.

The photograph on this page shows the ISS and a view East with the village of Kenn foremost, and Exton and Lympstone in the distance beyond the Exe estuary.

This station uploads data to the following websites:

Davis Weatherlink

PWS Weather


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Apologies for the four days of downtime due to upgrading my router (WiFi6!) and needing time to get everything connected back up and running again. Data now seems to be back transmitting correctly, however there may still be some teething problems with WeatherLink.

Other updates:

- Updated the WifiLogger firmware to v2.14.

- Amended footer to reflect correct year.

- Added small update message on main page.



Cleaned up a few pages and changed the forecast widget on the main page to a cleaner looking one.


The station appeared to not transmit for an hour or so today between 07:40-08:40. Reset connection and now working normally. Perhaps I'll give it the yearly battery change soon to prevent problems.


There was a temporary loss of power to the AirLink from Christmas Eve 2022 until approximately 02/01/2023. Apologies!



Added an image of the Davis AirLink installation to the 'IMAGE GALLERY' section. Made a few other minor website tweaks.



Added Davis AirLink air quality sensor to the station. Home and Full Data pages both now show additional air quality data.


Minor website changes to reflect discontinuation of sky camera.


A few problems have plagued the system over the last year unfortunately:


The Bloomsky SKY2 became faulty, and due to imminent subscription costs being introduced by the company I have decided not to replace it.

The Vantage Vue continues to be reliable with only a brief recent period where data was being lost overnight due to a depleted battery (too many overcast days meant the unit could not operate purely on solar!). The battery has now been replaced and full 24 hour data is now being reported.



Further Skycam connection issues this week. These seem to have now resolved thanks to a wireless range extender *fingers crossed*.



Fixed some connection problems affecting the Skycam where the daily timelapse video had large portions missing. Also gave it a clean. Now working perfectly.



Added a weather forecast widget to the home page.



Somewhat hilariously, a curious cow grazing in the field next to the sky cam decided to knock the solar panel off with its head. Camera put back to original position, all working normally.



Sky cam now back online and uploading normally.


Mid-November 2019

Connection was lost between the sky cam and router. Apologies.



BloomSky SKY2 Camera installed at station and began uploading data.


Station began uploading data.

50.6671° N, -3.5355° W    |    TEIGNBRIDGE, DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM

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